Our Story

Hi! My name is Brittany and I'm the owner of Babydoll Boutique

First and for most, WELCOME! I'm really happy you're here!

I have a strong retail background in personal styling, visual merchandising, and brick and mortar management. I graduated from Indiana University with my Fashion Merchandising and design degree. After a few years of working for corporate retail, I knew I wanted more out of the industry.  I was unhappy with the way big box retailers were heading. I needed to challenge myself in a completely different avenue. An avenue that would allow me to connect and build meaningful relationships with women and give them a sense of happiness and confidence. It's always been important to me to love what I do and to love what I'm representing. I prayed a lot and finally took the risk to follow my childhood dreams and open my own boutique.

For me fashion is about exposing my identity through unique pieces and creative styling. Fashion should make you feel sexy, powerful, and unique. I knew I wanted to specialize in dresses, simply because I've always loved dresses and the feeling I get when I slip one on. I feel happy, beautiful, confident, and worthy of all eyes on me. I knew I had to share my love for fashion with other women. I knew this burning passion in my heart wasn't something to be tamed.

Babydoll didn't just start off as a dress boutique, but to truly inspire and empower women through a single silhouette. I want to push women outside of their comfort zone, show them their unique beauty and build a positive fashion culture and sisterhood. From causal to elegant pieces, Babydoll is the boutique that empowers women to tap into their inner fashionista and feel unstoppable!

 My passion and love for fashion and deep feminine unity has led me here, and I truly hope Babydoll can give you the same happiness, passion, and inspiration in your life, that it has given me!